“The Show” - Brandcenter Spot
[30s, 15s]

Art Directors  //  Alex Ward, Maddie Edwards
Copywriters  //  Hoang Ho, Boyan Zlatarski
Additional Talent  //  Adam Fuller

At the Brandcenter, the passion of students is on display as they journey through the creative process, drawing the gaze of outsiders. Will you remain an audience or become part of the show?

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Spotify Room Tone

[2 min]

Art Directors  //  Alex Ward, Maddie Edwards
Experience Designer  //  Himanish Goel
Copywriters  //  Claire Casalaspi, Henry Coffey
Additional Talent  //  Kedi Hickman

For the first time, we’re bringing listeners closer together by uncovering the hidden sounds of the communities they love. Spotify Room Tone is an in-app experience that lets you opt in to share your own taste, and discover what the people around you are listening to.

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BIC - Small Pen, Big Idea

[1 min]

Art Directors  //  Alex Ward
Copywriter  //  Adam Fuller

There’s a lot of latent creativity waiting inside pen. BICs can harness that primordial imagination and burst forth a sea of ideas, not matter how big or small.

Levi’s - Iconic Since 1850

Art Directors  //  Alex Ward, Elio Conroy
Copywriter  //  Callum Leitenberg

Features a rolling shot of a young Levi’s wearer as they learn to follow their own path. Because wearing Levi’s won’t make you an icon. It’s you who makes the Levi’s brand iconic.

Deciphering Creativity

Art Director  //  Alex Ward

An abstract, autobiographical piece that aims to represent the lively, ceaseless, and sometimes overwhelming nature of imagination. The making of this piece was a confrontation of my own creative obstacles; an attempt to understand them, engage with them, or use them to my advantage.

“Hollow” - Scream Fest
[60s, 30s, 6s]

Art Director  //  Alex Ward
Copywriters  //  Aisling Deane, Kedi Hickman
Additional Talent  //  Sarah Flynn

What’s more frightening than traditional ghouls and jump scares is watching a regular somebody descend into madness, driven to the brink by the alluring unknown; and realizing that somebody... could be you. 

Premiering at Scream Fest.

eBay - Get or Get Got

Art Director  //  Alex Ward
Copywriter  //  Henry Coffey

eBay has a culture and community unto itself. Those committed to the craft of online bidding employ cunning tactics like “sniping” - placing a bid at the very last moment in order to win their prize.

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