Spotify - Behind the Scenes
Art Directors  //   Alex Ward, Maddie Edwards
Experience Designer  //  Himanish Goel
Copywriters  //  Claire Casalaspi, Henry Coffey
Additional Talent  //  Kedi Hickman

There’s nothing quite like getting behind a camera and bringing a vision to life! 

With video production, my goal is to create spectacles; to make distinct and purposeful cinematographic choices that enhance the story and generate an impact.

For Spotify, we storyboarded, scouted beautiful locations, and choreographed shots in preproduction to ensure our shoot was efficient and carefully thought through.

Lighting, shot composition, and precise camera movements are some of the elements I enjoy using to craft an engaging filmic experience.

I’m grateful for my enthusiastic team who helped prepare, produce, and star in this unconventional case study about connecting music lovers and audio explorers!


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