Circus World
Art Director  //   Alex Ward
Copywriter  //  Callum Leitenberg

Once home to the Ringling Brothers Circus, the Circus World museum now houses a deep archive of the world’s most famous acts and “freakshows.” This campaign encourages visitation by revealing how these individuals were more than just a sideshow.
Shortlisted  //  Young Ones ADC 2024

Stephan Bibrowski  //  Lionel the Lion-faced Man
Chang & Eng Bunker  //  Original “Siamese Twins”
Al & Jeanie Tomaini  //  “Al the Giant and Jeanie the Half-Girl”  //  “World Strangest Married Couple”


We’re all freaks.

The members of the sideshow became some of the biggest attractions in the world, but don’t sell yourself short… in another life you could have been right there with them. Take home a sideshow mirror and you and your friends can officially become part of the gang.

Could you handle it?

As part of the sideshow, these so called “freaks” definitely did not have it easy.  Enter the sideshow simulation to see exactly what it was like for them on stage… if you dare. This experience includes a simulated audience that laughs at you, mocks you, and even throws things at you (not for kids or for those having a bad day).

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